Aah Jim’s Don’t Panic Weather Update for 5-13-20 at 8pm

Aah Jim is a local coastal storm expert in disaster recovery who researches the hurricanes and gives no nonsense reporting about them in plain language. Read his prior updates in links below for important info about how hurricanes work.
This morning he writes:
Welcome to the first installment of the new season of Don’t Panic! They are only fear-mongering you! As you may have heard a system is likely to become the first named storm of the season and has a 70% chance of cyclonic activity! OOOOh that sounds bad! But all it means is that the system will start rotating like a hurricane but not get above 40 mph winds. It is expected to miss Florida, and hit the Bahamas with 22 mph winds then pass harmlessly out into the Atlantic. The hot wind from the fearmongers will exceed 22 mph so I think we’re okay on this one!