A website for… your dog?

One of the things I enjoy doing is Creating Websites, especially for friends who think they have nothing to sell.  It’s not about selling anything, it’s about letting the world know what you have to say.  About anything.  I’ve created many personal pages that act as the family newsletter or the holiday message.   I did several for Mother’s Day last year. A website makes a great Father’s Day gift – you can include photos and funny captions and a line from each of the kids and grandkids. Dad can show all his friends at work how much he is loved – and it’s better than a wallet full of photos.  Or plan now for an end of the year holiday message, catching friends up with what you’ve done this year.  I create a lot of “happy birthday”, and “I love you” gifts.  Some people create a website for their pet, or about their hobbies, like gardening or cooking or collecting.  The thing I like best about creating websites is that it’s like working with a vision board, or dream board, where you get to lay out the text and images of what you like and what you’d like to attract.  And at $100, you can’t beat the price.  If you’d like me to create one for you, email me at horizonsmagazine@aol.com

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