A taste of what religious fanaticsm brings about

This is what fanaticism brings about

I posted on Facebook a diagram of  a giant hole left by the Christian Dark Ages, with the caption:  “Just think, we could have been exploring the galaxy by now.  This is what fanaticism brings about.”  I got a lot of knee jerk responses and  Nick Ribecca chimed in correctly with, “Easy folks, I believe Andrea is talking about “fanaticism” not common everyday Christians. Remember how we are reminded every day that there are millions of decent everyday Muslims who pose no threat to civilization. But, Holy Wars by those calling themselves Christians, and Jihad by those calling themselves Muslims both wreaked horrific havoc on the world.  The problem is the fanaticism, not the Religion.”

Nick nailed it, the problem is the fanaticism, not the Religion. The fanatics of anything can ruin it for all, in their posturing for political superiority and control. I pray to Jesus altho I’ve got a fairly Zen outlook. I believe in God immanent AND transcendant, both, since that’s how I experience Him. Yes I say Him even though I mean She/He/It/They because the gender language has gotten out of control. Get over it. Frankly I think God is like the crazy bad ass honey badger, She doesn’t give a sh*t what you think, She just goes about Her business undaunted.

One friend wrote: ” If you read the bible it is specific. there is only one way to Heaven. It is to accept Jesus as your savior.  I am of the Bible. Doesn’t matter what anyone else says.. the Bible has stood for many years..  The bible hasn’t changed.. the laws around the bible have changed.”

I never take issue with the Word of God, ever. I take issue with believing it is still contained in a book that’s been edited by politicians throughout all time. I take issue with using editorial suppression to control the masses with fear. I trust in the Word of God each time I hear it, and I listen (almost) continually.

And with all due respect, I understand the Bible is specific. All the politicians who revised it throughout the years made sure of that. Most educated people outside the cult of evangelical fanaticism see it as a “Bible Lite” now, containing a few words of God, mixed with wonderful psalms and parables to learn by. Those who are comforted by it should continue to study it. Those who need comfort should set down the old manual since the new technology is direct prayer and one on one practicing the Presence.

And for the record, the Bible has changed numerous times, it is just that teaching like so many others is kept from many who study it. Everyone can benefit from a little research into comparison of religions throughout time.  Christians have been taught things that experience tells me is untrue but I don’t “judge” them for choosing to continue to think that way since it’s what they have been taught is the only way.

But it’s rather like me saying gold is worth $100 an ounce since that’s what I remember it being in 1973.   If I don’t keep up with the price of gold and what’s going on around the world with it, I won’t know that I have something worth 16 times that.  I know far less than I think I know, and my ignorance is to my detriment.  A little research would expand my knowing and expand my world.  But the fanatics would have you read only the ONE book they tell you to read, the book that says gold is worth $100 an ounce because for one split second in time, that was true.  And they cannot get the full value unless they know the full value.

1 Corinthians 13:12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” When I am face to face daily with God, I know what others only pretend to hint at to me. I don’t do anything that everyone else can’t do if they choose. We each must go in our own way.

If you’ve been reading what you feel is an outdated manual, try the new technology: direct prayer and practicing the Presence of God.