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When your karma visits your loved ones, you can help them by cutting out your nonsense and cleaning up your past

How funny to go to a sick friend’s Facebook page and see a “supportive” comment to her by a woman who has does nothing but malign her (and a dozen other “ex” friends) behind the back. She used to know that her self talk determines her future outcome and that it’s all related, but if you really understand that, you don’t forget it. You can’t be one way in front of someone and another way behind their back.  The Universe sees that. You can’t disrespect people and lie and be arrogant and purposely hurtful and steal and gossip without knowing that it will come back on you. Sometimes it returns by coming down on your closest loved ones. When they suddenly see trials and plagues, you can help them by cutting out your nonsense and cleaning up your past. That’s not what you want to contribute to their life. Ignoring it and not addressing it simply leaves the energy back where you left off with it – angry, jealous and unresolved.  She clearly doesn’t honor herself enough to stop her hatefulness, perhaps she actually loves her (troubled and sick) partner enough to stop bringing karma down on them both.  By their fruits do we know them.

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When your karma visits your loved ones, you can help them by cutting out your nonsense and cleaning up your past
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Channelling restless energy into researching food as medicine

It had to happen.  I moved the laptop back into the bedroom.  I have this great nook in there for it, but I haven’t used the laptop for months. I mostly use the iPad for Facebook in the bedroom. Now that my room is once again a cozy haven, I want a spot to do some serious writing. I like an old school external keyboard and mouse, for speedy navigation in my constant research. I’ve got the laptop set up on the tabletop of 3 tiered corner desk. The two shelves above are the bedroom altar, with red lamps shining upon the sacred images and murtis, incense holders, candles, sacred salts, ash and crystals. The plush bed is behind me, matching nightstands on either side. A landmark. Something I’ve never done in this room: made room to give another person equal space.  It’s not as painful as I thought it might be. I hung White Tara above the bed, known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity. A comfy chair faces the east garden. Sipping hot tea this 54 degree morning, I watch the sun rise through the trees. As it does, the squirrels and birds wake up and begin to play for me.  Continue reading

I know you don’t know how bitter you sound in your FB posts

stop complaining72To a few beloved friends: yes, you’ve been dragged through the mill. You’ve been played, betrayed, lied to, cheated on, stolen from, disrespected, mocked, underpaid, undervalued and left for dead. But look how strong you are, you made it through and it’s over. The only way it can continue is if you keep bringing it to mind and talking about it. Making all your Facebook posts be about the job and coworkers you teddy bear bandagedhate and all the men who are players and the women who are gold diggers makes you sound bitter. Even your humor is cutting and sarcastic. That gets old. That makes friends keep a distance from you. I know you’re not angry and bitter all the time.  Let everyone else know it as well.  At the end of this year, put the past behind you once and for all.  You were a victim once, we get it, you’ve drummed it into us for years. You’re not anymore. Get down off the cross. It’s a new day. Your new beginning starts now.

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Ping Pong Hearts – the holiday back and forth begins

ping pongThis is a common theme during holidays. For many it’s a stressful time, and people can tend to bonk out. The sentimental season can draw us to familiar people who we might be better off without.  Since it’s a Universal pattern I see each holiday time, I share this here.  A galpal heard from an ex she’s ready to be done with, and wrote: “So… big conversation… some emails… and silence. Is this the ebb and flow of a “I need to feel safe and in control” return? (Sheesh…)”. I responded, “It’s some of that and some of “I don’t know what I want and until something else peaks my interest, I’m gonna toss random balls into your batting cage since it’s familiar and I need comforting right now.” There’ll likely be enough back and forth over the holidays to keep you hopeful yet irked and another disappearing act for January. I see another man at holiday time, any time now in fact. But it’s still not over… Whether that’s good news or bad news, don’t take score too soon.” And remember if  you’ve got your attention filled with the wrong one, there’s no room for the right one to come in.

Forget her size, here are Marilyn Monroe’s measurements

Marilyn MonroeHow ridiculous to debate someone’s dress size when you don’t take into account that sizes differ in different countries, and change throughout the years. Here are Marilyn’s measurements from her dressmaker in current American inches:
Andrea 1967Height: 5 feet, 5½ inches
Weight: 118-140 pounds
Bust: 35-37 inches
Waist: 22-23 inches
Hips: 35-36 inches
Bra size: 36D

<– When my body measured 35-22-35, it was 1970, I was 5’9 and weighed 115 pounds. I wore an American size 8. I was NOT shaped like the pic of her above. I was a beanpole.

I only have “hay fever” if I’m eating processed foods

The joys of living in the sub tropics.  It’s not just humidity and misquitoes, it’s seasonal oak pollen and barometric pressure changes that leave our sinuses in a quandry. Shall I drain or clog? I used to have hay fever when I was a teen, then grew out of it and then grew back into it when I bought my home in 1983 and began gardening daily.  Years later, I discovered that I only have sinus problems – increased mucous – when I eat processed food.  Processed food is anything with a label, anything not in it’s natural state. Even a few slices of bread or a can of chicken noodle soup will do it to me.  So I usually eat those things until I’m tired of the sinus dance, then I’m off it again for a few months for relief. So, if you have sinus trouble and eat a typical American diet of processed foods and drinks, know that it’s likely related.  I choose my battles 🙂