ART and ARTICLE Submission Guidelines:

You may submit articles of 200-900 words on any area of personal growth and practical spirituality to

If you submit an excerpt from an existing book, it must be able to stand alone without reference to earlier or later chapters. What I like the most are articles that tell how someone consciously uses discipline to focus their thoughts to achieve a particular result. Articles that give a mental exercise to expand one's world, to give a broader perception, to bring one to a new level of awareness in some way. Articles that give examples of how it is all connected, how everything is related, and how that itself is a reason for living the best life.  I have friends who are good speakers in this genre and yet their words do not translate to the printed page. Their in-person charisma carries so much weight that their written words alone are not compelling enough to run the article.

Time sensitive articles must be submitted 4-5 months in advance.

Any article that promotes a particular person, product, service or event is considered an ad and is paid for as an ad.

Please enclose a headshot to be used if the article is accepted, along with a 50 word bio telling who you are and how to contact you.

Please give the word count next to the title. It will not be read without it.

If you copy and paste the article into the email , it will be read months sooner than if we have to download it as an attached file.

Give us up to 90 days to read your submission , since we receive so many.
We do not publish poetry. 
We do not pay for articles.

Andrea de Michaelis

Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher

COVER ART Submission Guidelines:
You may submit cover art for consideration by emailing a link to your gallery or embedding an 8x10 200 dpi jpg, tif or pdf image in your email to  

If you include a link to your gallery, let me know which pieces specifically you would like me to consider.

The art needs to accomodate the masthead (the name at the top of the cover.)  The masthead is always the same size, so overlay your art to see how it lines up.

The image needs to be of high enough resolution that it shows up well on 30# newsprint.  Very pale colors and images will not show up well. 

See our Past Issues Online for samples of the type of artwork we like. Something that is clear, sharp, colorful, causes a feeling of lightness and joy.  No abstract images or geometric mandalas.

Art related to particular months must be submitted 4-5 months in advance.

If we have to download an attached file, it may take us several additional months to get to it, but you will not be forgotten.

Give us up to 90 days to view your submission, since we receive so many.

We pay $25 for one time use and give you 200 words of Cover Artist space to tell who you are and how to contact you.
Andrea de Michaelis

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