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Our market is the consumer who shops at new age and natural health food stores. They use vitamins, natural supplements, natural personal care products, incline toward a natural diet, and exercise regularly. They are interested in personal growth, spirituality, self development, health and healing, psychology, green living, new age ideas, nutrition and fitness, environmental issues, quantum physics, relationships and the paranormal. They are regular purchasers of books, tapes, music, audio, video and computer equipment, and ordering through the mail. The music they listen to includes new age, classical, rock, jazz, pop, folk, country and world music. They consult alternative health care practitioners such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionists, homeopaths and holistic medical doctors, and prefer natural remedies over conventional medicine. They form groups to discuss the ideas they are presented with, they recycle, they vote in favor of environmental integrity, and support businesses with a conscience. They pick up our magazine because it's free, because it has an extensive calendar of new age and holistic health events, and because it contains information, products and services they are interested in.

Others in the market are able to provide a somewhat similar magazine, but we are able to differentiate ourselves because Horizons Magazine is the only body/mind/spirit magazine in Florida that is published monthly, is free of charge, contains calendar information and directory listings for all Florida counties and is distributed to all Florida counties. While other publications are printed in various cities, each limits their distribution to surrounding areas. Many are published bi-monthly or quarterly.

Advertising Services

Ads are due the 10th of the month preceding publication. Payment is due with ad. No exceptions. You must prepay to get the 3-6 month rate. Color 25% extra. Prices are for camera ready ads. Camera ready means your ad is the correct size, includes a border, and will appear in the magazine exactly as you send it to us. All display ads must have a border.

If ad is not camera ready, a minimum typeset fee of $50 must be included with your payment. Ads and payment must be received by the 10th of the month prior to publication.

Below is a table of the display ad sizes Horizons Magazine offers and the price per month to purchase that ad space is Horizons Magazine.

Horizons Magazine Display Ad Rates
Size                   1 month ad              3 months ad                       6 months ad

Small strip ad              B&W $50                        $40 per month x 3 = $120                $30 per month x 6 = $180 
                                   Color $62.50                                       Color $150                                       Color $225

Business card           B&W  $ 90                        $75 per month x 3 = $225                $65 per month x 6 = $390
                                  Color $112.50                                     Color $281.25                                  Color $487.50

1/4 page                   B&W $180                      $150 per month x 3= $450                $125 per month x 6 = $750
                                  Color $225                                          Color $562.50                                    Color $937.50

1/3 page                   B&W  $200                      $175 per month x 3= $525                $150 per month x 6 = $900
                                  Color $250                                           Color $656.25                                   Color $1125

1/2 page                   B&W $300                       $250 per month x 3= $750                 $220 per month x 6 = $1320
                                  Color $375                                           Color $937.50                                    Color $1650

Back Cover               Color $625                      $565 per month x3 = $1695               $475 per month x 6 = $2850

Front Cover Color $900 (Restrictions apply.)

Full page                    B&W $400                      $350 per month x 3= $1050                $300 per month x 6 = $1800
                                   Color $500                                          Color $1312.50                                   Color $2250

Inside back                 Color $525                   $465 per month x 3= $1395                $400 per month x 6 = $2400

Inside front                Color $550                   $485 per month x 3= $1455                $425 per month x 6 = $2550

Page 3                        Color $550                    $485 per month x 3= $1455               $425 per month x 6 = $2550

Page 4                         $450                             $400 per month x 3= $1200               $350 per month x 6 = $2100

Full page ad is 7.25" wide by 9.5" tall

                       1/2 page ad 4.5" tall x 7.25" wide or 9" tall x 3.5" wide

                       1/3 page 3" tall by 7.25" wide or 9" tall by 2.3" wide

                       1/4 page ad is 3.5" wide by 4.5" tall

                       Business card ad is 2" by 3.5"

                       Small strip ad is 1" by 3.5"

You must prepay to get the discounted rate.   Examples:

Small Strip ad for 6 months is $180 prepaid     Business card for 6 months is $390 prepaid
1/4 page BW ad for 6 months $750 prepaid    1/4 page COLOR ad for 6 months is $937.50
Half  page ad for 6 months is $1320 prepaid    Full page ad for 6 months is $1,800 prepaid

In Our Calendar, we list events taking place in Florida, county by county. Our current rate for advertising in Our Calendar is 50 cents per word. Deadline is 8th of month preceding publication.

Advertising is also available in Our Phone Directory, which is an alphabetical business directory, county by county. You pay only $5 per line. Deadline is 10th of month preceding publication.

$2.00 per word, deadline is 10th of month preceding publication.

For only $120 per year, you can have a link to your own site from our web page.

Ordering Information
To order using Paypal, please click the link below. Make payments to:

To order advertising using a check, money order or credit card, please email include your name, mailing address, phone number, ad size, number of months and which month
your ad is to be included in, to  HorizonsMagazine@aol.com .

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Paypal

Our ad rates are so low because we're in it for the outcome, not the income .