Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher

Photographer Debi Buck

Hello and welcome to September 2013. Fall is a time to gather the harvest. An inner harvest refers to all the experiences you have had during the past few seasons. This is a way of restoring gratitude into your life, as you realize how you have coped with and overcome challenges. Take this time to consolidate your energy, fine-tune what you’ve achieved and prepave what you want in the exercise on page 21.

The topic in recent calls is trusting in a new relationship after an unpleasant experience. I can totally relate. Thank you Universe for lessons learned. It cracked me wide open so something true and genuine could find its way to me. My experience was the harbinger of the best part of my already-joyous life. I bless him for all parts he played, truly. The Universe was simply stretching me and expanding me to accept a greater good. I cannot imagine life any happier, fer rizzle.

Don’t kick yourself if you attract a situation where someone takes advantage of your good nature. Bless the ones who come into your life and tear your foundation out from under you, for they are the ones who show you to yourself. I’ve learned that when I live my life honestly, I can trust that everything is happening for my greater good and that I’m being led where I need to go. I just need to surrender and trust and take it step by step.

I had a real memorable dream once about trusting and in fact Jane Taylor’s cover art this month depicts just that. In the dream I was flying over the ocean. At first I was just flying, then I looked down and saw the earth below me. Then I got closer and saw the ocean, although I didn’t recognize a continent.

As I descended, I began to get afraid because it was the middle of the ocean and I’m not a strong swimmer. In the dream, I could feel real fear in my chest. As I descended and felt scared, I was standing upright suddenly and could feel small waves splash at my feet. I quickly said a prayer “help me deal with whatever is gonna happen” and I lifted my feet and I looked all around to see if I could see land. Suddenly I could see land, but waaaay off in the distance.

I quickly said a prayer that I’d make it to land and suddenly a row of tiles begin appearing from me to the land. I was afraid I would be stranded and suddenly I felt the tile I was standing on begin to sink. The tiles were just barely a few inches beneath the water’s surface, and each one a long step apart from the next. I was afraid to move off my one tile, kind of frozen there, not wanting to step over the ocean part to get to the next tile.
 I noticed that whenever I felt afraid, my tile would begin to sink. Whenever I said a prayer, it came back up and I’d be on the next tile automatically, and a step closer to the land. This dream was a lesson to me about trust. It was also a reminder to pray as though everything depended upon God, and act as though everything depended upon me. And trust that the Universe will sort it all out for me.

And sort it out it does. It was so worth waiting 61 years to get where I am right now. I would not change a thing. I cannot imagine life any happier, although every time I say that, it gets happier. Thank you everyone who ever helped me get where today finds me. I could not have done it without all of you.

A friend asked me to summarize what I believe

My beliefs are as a result of my own personal experience, as well as personally witnessing the individual and collective experiences of at least thousands of people thru the years.  My main beliefs are, in no particular order:

1.  We create our own reality.

2.  Our point of power is in The Now Moment.

3.  One person, connected to “Source”, with focused intent, is more powerful than thousands or more who are less focused, less connected.

4.  My thoughts and prayers, my vision-holding/vision-keeping for myself and others, profoundly contributes to the outcome.  Yours do, too.  Everyone’s thoughts do.

5.  As a result of knowing the above, I feel compelled to help others achieve whatever they want to achieve.  For me, this expresses itself – partially – in me scheduling daily thought time on a list of people and projects for whom I hold pre-paving thoughts of a healed life and a happy future.  I have dozens scheduled daily because I know the value of practice, practice, practice.

6.  I feel compelled to help people know how powerful they are and that the process to discover this is easy.  I  feel compelled to let them know, each time they voice something in their life they are not happy with, that they have the power to change it, beginning right now today.  And it doesn’t cost you a dime; it just costs you thought time.

7.  It costs you writing down a list of where in your life you would like change.  It costs you scripting out the preferred tomorrow for each area of your life.  It costs you the scheduling of daily time to bring yourself to center In The Now, and then reading each script over, envisioning and feeling the outcome. 

When you do this, it never NOT works.  The process is easy. The scripting takes time and fine tuning.  The practice takes practice.  You can be that one person, connected to Source, with focused intent, who is more powerful than the thousands less focused, less connected.

8.  It also costs you the loss of vibrational resonance with your “former’ life and people and circumstances you no longer vibrate in harmony with.  It costs you the heartache of friends not wanting to go there and just wanting to continue their old life, their old way of being with you.   But that no longer satisfies because, hey, you just learned how to create your own reality.  It costs you friends, family, mates, employers, employees, and alienates neighbors, etc.  But you gain internal guidance and response.

9.  So, knowing what I know, I simply find far less satisfaction in chitchat or discussing theories and philosophies, than I do in having someone identify something they want and showing them the process to get it. 

And working with them to identify it.

And working with them to hold the vision. 

And working with them to get the script right. 

And practicing the script with them so they can see the evidence for themselves and know it works. 

And that it works without me. 

That’s what gives me the greatest satisfaction. And I’m as selfish as they get. It’s all about me doing in each moment what it thrills me to do.

Accept all things. It's the only way to wake up anything else perpetuates the dream.

Enjoy our offering this month.

Hari Om.