We are not always fed by the hands we feed. No one owes us anything. Our rewards can come from anyone, anywhere.There are always opportunities if you believe there are. I know there are. Every time I become a vibrational match to them, they make themselves known to me.

Earlier I contemplated the help I received from a friend in 2012 for making home improvements. I began literally getting my house in order before his arrival moving furniture planting a privacy hedge, creating new sitting areas. While here, he repaired my back porch, replaced siding, he re-eorganized the kitchen and pantry. He motivated me to get industrious myself. I tiled my kitchen and bathrooms and replaced the front porch light, jobs I'd put off for years.

It was like I didn't mind living with it that way for myself, but I wanted something better for a guest.I can be fairly oblivious sometimes, so focused on some project and not notice nor care that I never tiled the kitchen floor after pulling up the old vinyl years ago. But as I began to prepare to share spacewith a beloved guest, I saw my humble abode through their eyes and I wanted more for them. I wanted things to be fresh and new and complete to delight the senses.

Whatever we do for anyone, we do for The Beloved, The Guest, for God. We want to please all sorts of people as excuses for wanting to delight God, to please The Beloved, who comes disguised in as many forms at as many times as we allow. So as I reflect on having spent 2012getting my house in order, I thank and bless the one who helped me do that. Now I can't help but wonder what I was getting it in order for and in what form The Guest will appear next.

I drove early to the beach one morning and sat in the sand to watch the waning moon in the east move to almost directly overhead, floating in and out among the clouds. It's surreal at the beach at night, the giant sky above and the ocean out before me, barely able in the darkness to tell where the two meet. The ocean roar is loud at surf's edge, so I sat back on the dune, where the sounds of the waves were less overwhelming. At surf's edge, it is easy to lose myself in the senses of it: the roar of the waves, the incoming tide, the splash of the seawater, the ions in the air.

At surf's edge, I can experience it, but it is on the dune that I reflect. Reflecting on it allows me to more fully appreciate the magnitude of what I just experienced. Jeff Brown says: "There is a time to adventure into new possibilities, but there is also a need for quiet integration time on the self-creation journey. We can have all the peak experiences we want but the real work happens between the peaks." Reflecting on the dune lets me bask in the feeling of the surf that I'd just experienced, to stay in the vibe of it.The longer I stay in the vibe of Happy, the more Happy I will attract into my life. The more Happy I have in my life, the more the UN-Happy circumstances and people will fall away, making room for more Happy.

Watching the stars at night reminds me everything is a cycle. We move in and out of each others' lives, in and out of situations and circumstances, a constant display before us of what it is we are attracting, what we are a vibrational match to. Knowing that, I can decide if yes, this is where I want to be right now or, no, I'd like an easier flow in my life.

If I want an easier flow, I simply need to take attention off whatever is harshing my mellow. By the focus of my willpower, I discipline myself to pivot my focus to happier thoughts whenever I need to move out of vibrational resonance with any buzzkill.

That's when the tide turns. That's when the flow moves some things away from me, and returns others to me. Life has taught me that I always know my vibrational stance, my vibrational point of attraction, by what I see playing out in front of me.

Watching the ocean under the night sky, listening to the surf, the occasional seagull, I feel everything is flowing as it should. I've watched the tide turn recently. As months of unnecessary drama fell away, I felt gratitude for the contrast that reminded me what a blessed and magical life I have. I appreciate everything so much more now. Ireturned from the beach awash in gratitude and appreciation, as tangible and sure as the sea spray that dampened my dress. Thank you, God/ Goddess/ Universe/ Whoever or Whatever is Up There or Out There, thank you for my life.

Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.

Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher

Photographer Debi Buck