Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher

Hello and welcome to the May 2012 edition of Horizons Magazine. I mused this morning that everything we do touches someone. I bought an iPad2 and have been getting used to the touch screen. I went through the tutorial and spent the afternoon customizing settings and navigating through pages, giving it some muscle memory so my mind didnt have so much to remember. Often Id accidentally touch the wrong icon on the screen. The only place this seemed to be a problem was on Facebook. Id not yet learned the iPad version of Facebook and not yet installed Social Fixer, so I didnt have all the features shown on my main computer. Like deleting stupid mistakes Id made in typing. A couple of times I frantically ran into the office and turned on the main computer so I could correct the error before too many people saw it. It made me think of errors Id made in the past that often unknowingly affected other peoples lives. It reminded me that everything I do touches someones life in some way. It also reminded me I should always be mindful who I am touching and how. And sometimes why.

The Way Into The Vortex
Abraham-Hicks says, The fastest way to get somewhere other than where you are is to make peace with where you are. What are the positive aspects about where you are right now? Stop making excuses. Stop telling the old story Stop giving any conversation to anything not in the vortex. Just get in there. No more excuses, no more conversation about what you see happening that you dont want. Tell the story that brings you the greater relief, Get hooked on alignment with Source energy. Complaining is out of the vortex, whether your complaint is valid or not. Think the better feeling thought. Thats the way into the vortex.

Dont tell anyone else the story of what all has been going wrong, even if its a good, juicy story. Telling the story would just make you vibe in a place you dont want to vibe at and it would keep you from moving on to other good stuff. Then don't beat yourself up for it. We all want to tell the juicy story; we all want to tell our side. We dont think we will be held back too long by just telling the story one more time. But we can nip it in the bud if we want. Stop telling the old story and start telling the story of everything there is to appreciate in the life you have right now.

The world is not in the hands of madmen, the world is in the hands of God
Cultivate a perspective that sees beyond the worries, ambitions, and ordinary issues of your life. This is not easy to do, but give up complaining. Give up being a pessimist. Give up thinking life owes you anything. Give up being lazy and wishing things were easier all the time. In short, give up wishing your life were other than the way it is and do something with the life you have. Reaching for your sacred other requires that you love or appreciate at least part of your life, that you are striving to make the most of your life, and that you recognize that life is a gift. The sacred other is not difficult to find. But your own worthiness and appreciation of your life may be difficult for you to findand thats the raw truth. Prayer draws you into the energy field of the sacred and protects your soul, your sacred other. Hope is the Face of Grace, and it reminds us that ultimately the world is not in the hands of greedy politicians or terrorists or corporate moguls or fundamentalists praying for Armageddon. The world is in the hands of God.

I dont write about luck and miracles to brag, but to let you know its possible for you, too

A friend responded to a blog post saying I am always bragging about my good luck.I don't write about my experiences to brag, but to let you know its possible for you, too. I write down my train of thought since it is that train of thought that keeps me in the flow and keeps good things coming my way. I'm no one special, but I know how special and powerful I can be when I can stay conscious of what I'm doing and hopeful about where Im heading. In fact, when I can do that, then luck is a no brainer.

Is it Real? Red Flags and Being Played
In transferring files from old diskettes to cd, I found a letter from 1995. A friend was concerned that Id married someone I barely knew, who was now incarcerated. Being a12th house Aries, I figured I was fulfilling my dharma. He was a law office client, we were dating,a DUI conviction sent him back to Texas as it violated an old lifetime parole condition not to drink alcohol. We wrote daily letters the four years he was gone and looked forward to our real life together. When I mentioned to a friend I was excited about Lee's release, they said all they could see were red flags.

In opening the old file, I see I'd written to my concerned friend, I didn't want you to be concerned over obvious red flags, what is odd for some people is understood by me in a different way. Leea nd I were already in discussion about how karma works, how energy works, how things come to us, how things leave us. We already did meditation and breathing together. We had already begun some projects together i.e. spending time on particular topics to show him evidence of how events and circumstances and people can come to us or change their behavior around us. And all we have to do is think along a particular line of thought with enough focus and the right focus. Without being attached to the outcome the hard part.

We'd already begun a relationship, so when his court case came up, I told him to be prepared, it could be just the Universe playing with us, us thinking were attracted to each other, but it gives us the opportunity to see where our beliefs and expectations were on (relationship) issues we were both personally working on.

His issues are that he knocked himself out for 20 years giving everything to a wife and son who didnt appreciate it or him and grew up with family who criticized him, so he thinks that's all he deserves and no one can love him for who he is. When the money stops, their attention stops.

My issue is I think personal relationships take me off my path andmission, but its seldom an issue since there are very few who attract my attention. So when its wrapped in a born again package, 20 years too young, replicating a lesson of several years earlier, I know the Universe is using me as a tool.

As soon as I realized it, Lee and I discussed it. I told him it didn't matter if it was real or not, that if we were to attract a good result out of this interaction, we had to throw ourselves into it and act as if its real. That means never having the conversation, is this real, or will this last?That means maybe the Universe designed this entire set up so that he could be a captive audience to work on his stuff, with the support of a loved one he could write to and depend on to help do what can be done.

We have our typical discussions but also talk about being in person with each other and are kind of navigating what that might look like. But my point is, do not be concerned about red flags. I am not doing something blind. Both Lee and I know that this could just be Gods ploy, he says sometimes he thinks I'm playing him, pretending to care about him, when all I'm doing is helping him pass the time in there without losing his mind. He underestimates my selfishness.

I like talking with him, he has relevant thoughts and insights and is undergoing a transformation Im familiar with. He's infatuated, as am I, so that's nice although I know its just the kundalini moving as we do our work together. He enlivens my mind, and when my mind is enlivened, I attract happier circumstances and that always means more income, too. So, yes, bring it on, I will throw my whole heart into believing this is whatever I choose to think it is.

And if he comes home Monday and by Thursday were done, then my work is finished there, and if were in the midst of Gods will LOL how can we not rejoice? So no worries for me, my friend, truly. I am the first one to cut, tuck and roll the second that balance arm tips too far. And as far as I see it, either way, everyone wins. Hugs, my brother Andrea ### end of letter

Lee died in prison awaiting a liver transplant, and release. Rest in peace, my love.

And what's real anyway?

Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.