Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher

We've only had a handful of real chilly days this winter. Since I like doing outdoors projects when the weather is cool, at the first cold snap each year is when I typically cut the new trail in the west woods. I cut the trail 2-3 months ago but have yet to clear away all the underbrush around it. I make sure to leave a nice habitat for the critters when I do.

I am very mindful that I share space with lots of animal life here, so I made sure to consider them when I make changes that affect them. I don't cut down anything that is a food source for them, the grapes, the saw palmettos, etc. I don't block their trails. When I see them out and about, I don't interact with them. I don't feed them. If they come too close as when I'm sitting at the firepit, I hiss to keep them at a distance. I like sharing the space with them but, just as with friends, it works best when we keep a little distance and give each other plenty of privacy. On a daily basis I'll see squirrels, birds, hawks, owls, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, turtles, snakes. We all share this space in harmony with each other.

Maybe not so harmonious when my fat feline Yinnie the Minicow grabs a young cardinal and gets dive bombed by the parents until she lets it go, unharmed this time. She doesn't think about the consequences of her actions. She's a cat. Something catches her attention, she grabs for it. That's all the thought she gives to the matter. Thwarted in getting that one? No matter, another will be along soon enough. That's the law of the wild. That's life, too.

I've been watering the line of turk's cap and arbicola cuttings along the north property line since 2008, when each was about 12 tall. Until even last year they seemed to be inching along. They clearly didn't get enough water and it is on a piece of the property I don't spend much time in. Last year I began noticing areas of my life I'd left somewhat forgotten and under nourished and I began actively working on those as diligently as I began watering the line of aren't-they-ever-going-to-grow turk's cap and arbicola. Last week, I ventured into that space and I was thrilled to see that all of the plants had shot up 3 to 5 feet tall, with sturdy trunks and lush leafage. It was a surprising difference. For four years, there appeared to be so little growth, yet all the while the magic was taking place below, out of sight, in the unseen world where manifestations first unfold. The fifth year, the big showing came all at once.

This happens when we feel very stuck, and as if nothing is happening to move us forward. As I watered the bushes today, I thought how like the turk's cap and arbicola; so much happening behind the scenes yet so little making itself visible. It's easy to doubt something you don't yet see evidence of.

That's one reason I practice through creative visualization seeing and feeling "the best case scenario what if" in my imagination. Yes, it's a yoga to hold that better feeling thought when there's evidence to the contrary in front of you. But with just a little exercise of your Will, it becomes easier. Never doubt that miracles are happening in spite of seeing no evidence of it yet. Stop taking score. Arrange your life so you can have the most joy possible within whatever your confines may be. You are where you are for a reason. If someone else gets that client, well she wasn't your client then, was she? You and she were not a vibrational match.

Immediately begin searching for those who are attracting what you have to offer. She wasn't the last client on the planet, unless you believe she was. For every one you lose, a dozen more will come, if you believe they will. And you don't need a billion clients, all you need is a handful of the right ones. It's your choice. And your Will. Choose to use it and exercise it, or not, it's your choice. You're the one who will be living the outcome of your choices. Just as you are now. Believe me, it gets easier and it gets better.

Springtime! New beginnings! Patience. Now, wouldn't that be a nice quality to develop this season? When I was younger, I used to be very impatient and wanted things to happen NOW. Looking back over the last 30 years, what a blessing it was that I had to wait for my good to come to me. If I'd have gotten every thing I thought I wanted when I thought I wanted it, I'd have had to wade through much more of my own nonsense in order to get to my wonderful NOW.

What a blessing to have to stay focused on something long enough to magnetize and attract it to you. How powerful to discover that our thoughts attract our experience to us. What a relief to learn that we are the ones that attract people and circumstances and events into our lives and that if what we're living is not what we want our life to be, we can begin now to focus more attention on what we want to experience, and focus less attention on what we're ready to be free of.

This Springtime, I want to leave behind any judgments I may have held about people or things I didn't understand. I want to leave behind any hard feelings that I may have caused or I may have felt. I want to leave behind all disbelief and doubt that the world is indeed a holy and magical place, filled with loving and compassionate people. I want to be free of any idea or person or circumstance that binds me and keeps me tethered to a world that is less than what I consciously choose to live in.

This new season, I will accept nothing less than joy and love in every moment. Even if I am the only one offering it. Especially if I am the only one offering it. I know that nothing ever needs to change except my perception, and my prayer this Springtime is that my eyes be opened more fully, and that I allow my mind and my heart to be opened more fully as well. I give thanks for all the lessons I learned last year, and for all the loving friends I've encountered along the way.

We're on this journey together. We're fellow travelers on a Path, you and I, and I want to express gratitude to everyone who walks with me in thought and prayer as we journey together here in this lifetime. Without you to enjoy and appreciate Horizons Magazine, it would not exist. Appreciation is the best fuel to keep things running smoothly. I appreciate the feedback and support all of you give me, whether physical or nonphysical. I appreciate the kind words and the emails and the messages you send, and I mostly appreciate the inspiring thoughts you send my way. I receive them all and my life is made richer because of it.

Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.