Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher

Photographer Debi Buck

Hello and welcome to the December 2014 edition of Horizons Magazine. Lots of people are unhappy with election results. But that's always the way. Lots of these people didn't vote. But that's always the way. At times like this we are encouraged to practice knowing that nothing that happens in the world needs to affect our happiness. It helps to remember that during a storm, the small, slim willow bends in the wind while the giant oak, firmly rooted, may break and fall. A storm may rage on all around us, yet we be completely safe untouched where we are. Entire neighborhoods may be devastated in an earthquake, yet that one lone house on the cliff remain intact.

In 2004, Hurricane Jeanne destroyed 3 mobile homes surrounding one I own. Two were crashed to the ground. Mine had one scratch from flying debris and my tenant moved back in the next day. How did we escape damage while the storm raged on around us? Was it the prayers we said as the storm approached? My tenant at the time was a very devout Christian. Was it our faith that no matter what storm passed over us, it was possible to be on the other side of it quickly enough, with little or no distress? Was it knowing that if my focus was strong enough to envision weathering the storm with ease and grace, that it would naturally come to pass?

I have learned its all about my ability to stay focused on what it is I want to experience. Because what I am focused on can come to pass for me. During Hurricane Jeanne, I envisioned my home being hugged and protected by the giant branches of the oak out front. I felt safe and secure throughout the storm. I didnt worry about any damage. I awoke to find the oak in the back yard had uprooted and come down on my back porch. Even so, I was not distressed. My neighbor had a chain saw and two sons who had the tree cut away within two hours of me discovering it. Soon after, insurance paid for all repairs including a new roof when I thought only a few shingles had blown off.

So staying focused on the good doesnt mean youll never have anything bad happen to you. It means you come to realize the good in whatever happens to you. In June 2003 fire destroyed acres around me and stopped at my prayer circle. Prayerful intent can be powerful and can stop a storm any kind of storm in its tracks, whether a hurricane, a fire or a new political party.

Maybe its because of my daily meditation practice the past 40 years, but I always feel as though its under control everything. That no matter what the appearance of anything around me, someOne or someThing with a Greater Plan has it under control. And if I have faith that I will come through fine and upgraded on the other side of it, I will.

How do we call a storm into our experience? We call it to ourselves by attention to it and worrying about it and talking about it with friends, voicing the worst what if? scenarios over and over. Help friends find happiness and contentment no matter where they stand by teaching them to seek the good in what is happening around them in every moment. Thats where your value lies. How much suffering can you relieve?

Lots of friends are suffering right now, unhappy with election results. I know that no matter who is or isnt in office, I can find happiness. I know that no matter who is or is not in office, I can have a good experience in life, I can find my niche, I can discover my purpose, I can find an ideal job, I can find love and pursue my dreams.

Or I can go on a downward spiral because I let myself be influenced by the grumpy ones around me. Its up to me what I experience because its up to me where I choose to place my focus. If I can hold my focus while being unattached to how the Universe delivers happiness to me, I can bend like the willow, remaining flexible so I may recognize the gift when it appears. If I am inflexible and hold on to an idea of how my world is going to look if so and so is in office, I will miss the magic in each moment as it comes. I dont want to miss a moment of the magic this life is.

A client asks: Why Do I Obsess Over Things So Much?
Answer: You Just Need to Replace Your Thoughts

My friend Domino wrote me: Why do I obsess over things so much!? My fiancee's ex-girlfriend especially! I know it could be insecurities, but I dont feel insecure. Ugh. I cant get over it.. Im so analytical. Its aggravating.

I replied: You obsess over it simply because when the thought comes, instead of thinking another thought to distract you, you run the old tape thru your head until it begins the downward spiral of thoughts for you. If sh'es still in his life, you have to look at her like she's your sister or his, and not his ex. Right now he doesn't still have an attraction to her, but if he senses you not liking her, he will start to feel defensive for her and have feelings to help and defend her. You can help prevent that.

Domino replied: You're so right. And I try to do that, its just difficult for me to stay on that track. Maybe it will come with maturity. But I can say, when I look at it that way it makes me feel much better- so I need to keep that mindset. It just helps to hear it from you. Thank you again for your help. Every little bit helps!

I always like it when friends remind me of what I know at a time I need to hear it. I've learned that no matter what the problem is, it's only a thought and I am the one who chooses which thoughts to focus on. Sure, that's easier said than done, that's why I keep several self talk scripts onhand. When my mind grabs on to something and doesnt want to let it go, I've got something ready at hand to deal with it. Something to read over and over until it sinks in to me that I know a greater truth than the one my mind has on tape-loop and replays over and over for me.

Some friends think I'm so enlightened, and I laugh. I have many of the same thoughts every day that everyone else has in response to what I see in front of me. The only difference may be that I notice the thought when I have it (that maniac is going to drive right into me!) and I override my automatic response with a conscious thought (that driver is being careless, so I'll be extra mindful).

Its not that the negative or obsessive thoughts dont come to me anymore, its just that they no longer freak me out now that I know Im the one who gets to decide how much air time to give them.

And it's not that I'm avoiding thinking about anything, it's just that I've got better things to think about. I've got a lot of things I'm interested in, that I want to think about. Not just because giving conscious attention to them will help pre-pave and attract it to me, but because its fun to think about. Because I like how it makes me feel when I think about it. After all, thats the secret.

            ---   The process to gather momentum and amplify attraction power   ---

A friend posted on Facebook seeking a dinette set and I immediately knew I knew someone who had one for him. I did not know who it was but knew there was someone. I was right.

When that happens, when I know that I know somethings on its way but dont know who or what, theres a process I use to gather momentum and amplify the attraction power. I meditate on the idea of what I want to attract and spend a few moments running the thought over and over in my head until it begins to come alive for me, until I begin to really feel yes, this can happen. From that vibrational stance, from that vibrational point of attraction, I make the Facebook post in the hopes I am focused enough to attract the right person.

I asked my friend what size dinette did he want, then I posted on Facebook: Melbourne/ Palm Bay: A friend is seeking a dinette set, a small table no larger than 36" round or square and set of chairs. I'll bet you've got one youd love to gift them or sell cheap. This is a manifestation project and I'd love for you to join in it. One like this might be perfect. Then I posted a few pics of different styles of small dinette sets. I did this to keep the momentum of the thought and vibe going on that topic, to increase the attraction power.

Then I forgot about it and went about my work day. Nine hours later, a friend posted a pic of a dinette set she was getting ready to put on Craigslist for $20. It looked ideal. Another friend chimed in saying shed like one for her daughter. Someone else chimed in with one. This focus and vibrational matching works.

A reminder to close the year: Not loving what is will always cause suffering. according to Byron Katie.
Accept all things. Its the only way to wake up anything else perpetuates the dream.

Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.