Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher

Hello and welcome to the November 2012 edition of Horizons Magazine. Ive been asked several times about the elections, law of attraction and vibrational matching. Election year! No matter who you cast your ballot for, know that you vote vibrationally with every thought you think.

Things come to you via your vibration and remain only by your attention to them. We vote vibrationally in every moment by where we choose to place our attention, and how we feel as our attention is placed there. It's that simple. Is someone in office or anyone you perceive as having authority over you pissing you off? Keep talking about it and you're empowering the status quo. And it doesn't matter if you believe it or not, kind of like gravity. To everyone who's upset with the election results, this too shall pass. To everyone who's thrilled with the election results, this too shall pass. Think of today as a good lesson in surrendering, going with the flow and offering it up. Remember that whatever happens is the will of God and if we're in the midst of God's will - like it or not - how can we not rejoice?

No matter who voted what, the majority got what the majority was vibing with. We live it day by day. My life is none the lesser due to whomever is in office. I'll find a way to thrive no matter.

Abraham-Hicks: We are always casting vibrational votes whether we think we are or not. Our vibrational votes go beyond anything we can imagine, and the evolution of our planet is about that, not about what happens at the polling booth.

I went to the firepit and did a fall puja to renew the energy before we begin using that space again. I unstacked all the bricks and stacked them together again a little different way. Ive been using the chimenea for my burning bowl ceremonies, so the firepit has become overgrown. I untangled the grapevines and cut the foilage back about two feet around the circle. It had encroached since spring, when the summer heat drove us to the east garden where its shadier and cooler. I moved two chairs up next to the firepit. Usually we sit on stumps of pine, but they are all rotting now and no new ones to replace them. I placed a grill along the back 1/4 of the open firepit to keep a tea pot on. The pit is about 18" deep, with bricks completely encircling. One space for the firetender is about 18" wide and 10" deep. We keep one water hose on site ready to extinguish the fire.

One thing I love about the city of Palm Bay laws about having a fire is that you can only do it when you're cooking food. That makes it mandatory to have a picnic at the campfire! In go a few potatoes wrapped in foil, along with half ears of corn and cloves of garlic spritzed with olive oil. I can eat that for dinner every night. In the meantime, each sundown I make a ritual of going out and walking the yard and picking up kindling and branch deadfall to have ready for the next fire. I love having different yards I can play in different times of the year - the east garden for Spring and Summer, the west woods for Fall and Winter. Knowing its a cycle makes me look forward to the changes.

Not everyone considers every change to be for the better. At first. It can be with a little expansion of perception. Don't take score so soon. In a reading last month, Domino wanted to know if she and her ex were back together again or not. The last time I spoke with her, theyd had a big blow up fight. He shouted at her, That's it, were over! and he moved into a buddy's apartment. Since they're in business together, they see each other every day and still sit together to chat for meals and breaks. Now, she says, he's acting all lovey dovey and once again refers to her as his girlfriend, etc. Dominos question is WTF???

I get some version of this question a lot. One party wants to know where they stand in the relationship, to make sure it is in line with their goal, usually marriage. Once their partner knows what their goal is, they can decide if they want to work toward that goal with this person. Most often, two are together because one has a goal and thinks they are in a relationship, and the other is just enjoying a happy day by day experience and, while not wanting to commit, they dont wan't anything to change, either. They like things the way they are. They don't ever want to discuss relationship stuff.

We cannot always teach loved ones how to communicate their feelings to us. They may not have the words for it. They may not have had a healthy role model for it. Or they may simply not have enough interest in the topic of relationship with you or at all or just at this time. When your partner is known for being moody and having verbal outbursts, keep that in mind. He may say something in anger he doesn't really mean. That was how he was brought up and it may be the only way he knows how to act and react. Don't take it personally. Don't judge it. Don't take it as truth and don't take it to heart. Don't make light of it. He's hurt and needs something to change. He doesn't know how to ask for it because he may not know what needs to change. Neither of you do.

So my response to Is it over or are we still together? is, act in each moment as you would if you were getting along well. Talk about everything of interest in the now. When it feels good, spend time together. When it feels tense, have other things to do. Dont talk about relationship. Whatever you feel a need to put a label on automatically limits you. If you have to ask the question, are we together or not, the likely answer is no.

Domino asked, she said, because she needed to know if she should begin to look for a new boyfriend. That always struck me funny because I never felt someone was missing from my life all the years I went without a man. If I came across someone in my daily travels while involved in my particular interests and pursuits, someone who enlivened my interest, that was a bonus, no matter how long it took to find them and no matter how long it lasted. My pair bondings have historically lasted 3 years each. I'm happy when I have a partner. I'm happy when I am alone. I have a full happy life.

To constantly be on the lookout for the next partner can be exhausting. Many people waste many years by waiting to do this or that until they have a partner to do it with. Their life goal becomes to find a partner. Often they haven't cultivated any real interests, so they don't make themselves into an interesting partner. Funny how that works, isn't it?

I told Domino that as long as they are working side by side each day and getting along well, dont get involved with anyone else. When you turn your attention to someone new, that pulls energy away from your current partner. If you want to work it out with them, don't dilute the issue with someone new just yet. If you enjoy being with them, even knowing it's not long term, don't do anything to rock the boat unnecessarily. Domino and her man need an easier energy flow between them, not to add unneeded confusion to the mix.

Of course, if you can't be around him without feeling ignored or neglected, don't be around him. If you can't find fun in the times you are together, mostly that's because you keep running thoughts of past stuff through your mind. Don't be around him if you can't find the fun in it.

Why do specific people come to us? They are a manifestation of your vibration, every time. So they come as evidence of what you're doing vibrationally, every time. They came because I summoned them with my practiced vibration. If you are with your partner as evidence of what youve been habitually doing vibrationally, it stands to reason that if you'd like a change, you'll begin doing things to vibrate in a different place yourself. That can be as simple as focusing on new topics, focusing on new people, focusing on new places. Abraham-Hicks

Enjoy our offering this month.  Hari Om