Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher


Why competition and jealousy when we're on the Path?
Because that's how we work this stuff out: with each other

Do you notice how when you're fully connected to your inner guidance, you see the world and everything in it just fine as it is? You don't worry about what the news says or what the complainers say, because you're filled maybe just for a few moments with that feeling that it's all under control and that everything happens for a Divine purpose? That no matter what whacky whatever is going on around you, you know that it will all work out, that somehow you will be guided to it.

Then there are those times you're reminded you're a business person competing for dollars in a world of just so many customers. That's when you know you've gone off your guidance signal, since whenyou're feeling competitive with anyone, if you think anything anyone does against you can prevent you from attracting what you are meant to attract, you're simply not connected to guidance. If you think anything anyone says about you can prevent you from attracting the good that is meant for you, you are temporarily disconnected from guidance.

We've all done it.Gotten angry in the moment over some perceived wrong and maybe even created an entire scenario about it in our head, blaming someone else. But when we're conscious, when we're on the Path, we take the time to contemplate what is going on in our life, we take responsi-bility for what we've put in motion. We know that whoever we think is to blame is just someone we are allowing to have some power over us: power over our thoughts and emotions. Allowing our thoughts and emotionsto go thereis a choice.

Let me re-phrase that. Your thoughts may appear out of nowhere. You can't stop that from happening.What you can decideis how long you will continue to dwell on that thought.You have the choiceof staying on that thought long enough to get pissed off about it. You have the choice of moving to a better feeling thought, before you attract something you don't want.
If you haven't yet trained yourself to pivot your focus to a better feeling thought, you can learn how by reading at the free www.Abraham-Hicks.comwebsite and finding their videos on www.YouTube.com.

Jealousy and competition runs rampant in the personal growth/self help genre no less than it does in all other genres. I say there is no competition and that we each attract what is ours by right of consciousness. No one steals business from anyone else. No one taints anyone else's reputation. If a client leaves you and goes somewhere else, that's fine; they are not your target market anyway. Each will stay with you as long as they are meant for you.

It's not a numbers game;
it's a consciousness game

You want the people who are attracted to what you have to offer, plain and simple. You don't have togo all kRaZy KaR SAleZmaN on someoneto talk them into buying what you've got. You don't want 200 people to attend an event if only 11 are going to buy. Your market is the 11 who really want it. Remember that the next time you look out into your audience of 12. And if you don't think you can make an honest and lucrative living with just 12 clients, then you just have short vision. It's not a numbers game; it's a consciousness game.

And that's one thing I have that sets me apart from some others: I know that.I know that I will be able to create a fine happy living for myself, no matter what anyone else is doing or not doing. No matter what someone is saying or not saying, whether it's true or not true.

SinceI know who I amandI know what my thoughts are capable of attracting, I don't feel the need to blame anyone else for anything I experience. I know it's unproductive to be emotionally attached to what anyone says about me. I've never been so free as when I gave that up. Now it's easy for me to just let that stuff go. It's my favorite new habit.

Forgive them for they know not that they know not. They'll learn. We all do. I'm still learning. Besides, you can't be critical or hold grudges or be unforgiving or get aggravated by competition or the news without it impacting your income. It's all related.
So, why competition and jealousy when we're on the Path? Because that's how we work this stuff out, with each other. And we don't get to work it out with only the ones it's fun to work on issues with. That comes later. First we have to work on it with the people we really don't care for, have no respect for and think are beneath us, who we think don't walk their talk or possess the skills they profess.

The reason these people are in your experience and irritating you is because right now you are all vibrating in the same place like it or not. So the quicker you can get over it and get on with it, the quicker you move onto the ones it will be fun to work on issues with. I promise.

I found one easy way to speed that up
is to to say no when it has to be a no

Each time you find it hard to say no to someone for something you do not want to or are unable to do, that places resistance on whatever you are trying to attract in other parts of your life. It also leaves the other one hanging when they could find someone else who is happy to do what you are unavailable to do. Knowing that, it is easy for me to say no when it is a no. This also frees me up for the next good thing to come my way, I no longer have something unfinished hanging over my head, placing resistance on whatever I want to attract.

Speaking of whacky stuff,
Uranus went direct December 13, 2012

Due to its retrograde motion since summer,the planet Uranus has been bouncing around in my 12th house. I have my natal Sun, Mercury, Venus there. The 12th house is the house of the unconscious, where hidden things come to light. It is the house of karma and reckoning, the house of restriction and discipline. How a planet affects our lives depends very much on whether we resist its influences or we try to work with it. The remedy for the 12th house is cleaning up your act as far as other people and helping free them from their limitations.

Uranus has also been aspecting my Pluto, and Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth. The text from my astrology report reads "This transit sparks your urge for self transformation and regeneration. Conflicts and drastic changes may come up for you. You are likely to have new spiritual insights during this period, or find that your will to be different and to find your own unique pathway forward is more powerful than usual. You are undergoing an important transition in your life, entering an entire new phase of existence, in which the habitual patterns and concerns of the old way of your world may vanish entirely or diminish in their importance."

Where Pluto shows up in the chart is where we search for truths and deeper meaning. It may be associated with change, upheaval, power struggles, and issues of control. Pluto aspecting other planets in the chart gives those energies obsessive qualities, power struggles, the need to find deeper meanings, and willingness to explore and examine. Where Pluto appears is where we either seek change and transformation, or have it thrust upon us if we refuse to accept our deepest needs. If we fear Pluto's energies, or our "dark" side, de-struction is a byproduct. The remedy is to not fear it, but begin going with the flow. Befriend it, hold its hand as you go through that part of the journey together. Know there is Light on the other side of it.
My father in the 70's got me interested in astrology. It was he who pointed out it was not just an entertainment but could be a real tool for personal understanding and evolution of consciousness if studied in depth. Computer software now makes it so much easier to create an astrology chart, however it took me a dozen years to find a program that gave an interpretive text that I felt was accurate, provocative and indepth. Spiritual Astrology by Isabel Hickey has always been a favorite book of interpretations. Contact me if you'd like a report, it's just $22, send your birth info to horizonsmagazine@aol.com. Right now for me, my report tells me to be open to change, to keep it all easy and flowing, to look at everything for deeper meaning and to spend time envisioning what kind of experiences I want to bring into my future.

"Oh, no, not the end!"
The End Is always followed by a new beginning

I was sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office recently and waiting also was a grandmotherly type and a girl about 3-4 years old. Cartoons were on the tv and after the first, it said "The End." The grandmother looks up and says, "the end," and goes back to her magazine. The child begins to cry and say, "oh no, not the end!" The woman chuckles and calls her silly. The child repeated it several times before I felt obliged to jump in and say, "It's ok. It's just the end of that one cartoon. When you hear "The End," it means the end of one and the beginning of another one. The End is always followed by a new beginning. New beginnings are fun." The woman looked up at me and hugged the little girl close and mouthed the words, "thank you." "There are always new beginnings," the woman said to her, smiling at me with her eyes. How sad a child has to fear those words. What a blessing that the grandmother now has something else to say to her when she gets upset.

It's a good reminder to me, also, to be mindful of how my words affect others.

Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.